wearing the new MAC Brooke Shields collection, available now online, and pertaining to MAC stores and counters October 2, 2014
If you ever wished upon a star (or begged the tooth fairy in a note scrawled on pink hey there Kitty stationary) for a pair of Calvin Klein jeans in the early ’80s, chances are you remember the phenomenon that is/was Brooke Shields, the face of MAC’s most current collaborations.

As a kid in the ’80s, I was obsessed with Brooke’s long brown hair, in part because I was rocking the same short, feathered hairdo that a lot of of my grownup uncles were wearing at the time.



I wanted Brooke’s long, flowing hair a lot more than nearly anything…except a hey there Kitty lunchbox.

Eight of 14 pieces in the MAC Brooke Shields collection
If you weren’t around back then and never saw the blue Lagoon, you may still recognize Brooke as the woman who elegantly poses on La-Z-Boy sofas (not gonna lie, I kind of want a teal one!) or shows off her Foster grant sunglasses.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Homegirl seems to do a lot of endorsements, and a little bit of everything else. among other things, she’s an actress, model (In 1980, at 14, she was the youngest fashion model ever to appear on the cover of Vogue), spokeswoman and purveyor of big brows.

And now, a MAC collaborator.

Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in trusted Instinct
Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in trusted Instinct
Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in Mortal
Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in Mortal

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Brooke’s 14-piece limited edition collection (a mix of new shades and re-promotes, now available online) because, hello! — neutral eyeshadows.

There are so lots of in this release, but before you throw that suspicious side eye at me, hear me out. These neutrals are absolutely fun. Buttery golden browns, neutral golds, beiges and grays, that kind of thing. The collection also features some purply taupes, bronzes and olives, to turn things up if you want, and for cheeks and lips, we get soft corals and warm, orangey reds.

Cream Colour Base Duo in Cherished
Bronzing Powder in Scone
Bronzing Powder in Scone
Cream Colour Base Duo in Cherished
Lipglasses in Artful (left) and Knockout (right)
Lipglasses in Artful (left) and Knockout (right)
Lipsticks in Gospel (left) and Excite (right)

I think what we have here is absolutely a mellower look for MAC, and it may not appeal to every MAC crowd. Those who hunger for the edgier collaborations with Rihanna/Lorde/[INSERT trendy music artist HERE], might not be impressed. Like, if you want a new bold green eyeshadow to wear with your black pleather and whip on stage somewhere, or a matte black lipstick to opt for your Katy Perry-style bra that shoots out string cheese, then you may not be into this.

But maybe you will.

Gosh, I love, love this release. lots of of the pieces feel timeless and easy to wear, with finishes and textures that makeup lovers of all ages could pull off — not a big surprise, considering that Brooke is 49.

OK, first though, sad panda face.

The 15-pan Gravitas palette sold out in like two seconds online. yesterday afternoon, I chatted with a MAC rep online who said that as of now, there are no plans (that she knew of) to restock additional palettes on maccosmetics.com.

Honestly, I’m not shocked it disappeared so quickly, as it consists of some of MAC’s bestselling neutrals, like Soft Brown, Shroom, Satin Taupe and Carbon, as well as lots of new shades, all for $85, which is dramatically less than the $160 MAC usually charges for its 15-pan palettes. If you still have your eye on this one, a call to your closest MAC counter might be in order. maybe you can ask an associate to contact you when the palette arrives. I might even consider calling in every day until the official October 2 launch date.

Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in depend on Instinct

Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in Mortal
Wearing Veluxe Pearlfusion shadows in Mortal and trusted Instinct on my eyes and cream Colour Base in cherished on my cheeks

Gravitas? I’m still trying to track one down! I’m a woman on a mission, but I have taken the new Veluxe Pearl Eye Palettes in trusted Instinct and Mortal out for a spin.

I think both are incredibly pretty, with a soft, nearly creamy quality that’s very Cle de Peau. They’re unusually easy to blend, and I love the glow they give to my lids (and how they don’t emphasize my fine lines).

From the left: Lipglass in Artful, Lipglass in Knockout, Lipstick in Gospel and Lipstick in Excite
Cream Colour Base Duo in Cherished

As for the Lipsticks, Lipglasses and cream color Base Duo, again, easy, with soft, dewy, fresh textures and finishes.

Lipstick in Gospel
Lipstick in Excite
Lipglass in Knockout
Lipglass in Artful

Of the pieces I’ve already tried, the only one I’m not feeling is Scone, the neutral tan Bronzing Powder, but I think that’s because of how sheer it is on my NC42 skin.

Yes, it’s also easy to blend, but I think paler princesses will probably have better luck with it.

Bronzing Powder in Scone
Lastly, the limited edition gray and orange packaging: I’m on the fence. I like that it’s different…but the matte gray looks a little too “plastic” to me. It reminds me of children’s toys. I don’t know if it’s worth the price premium.

I do love the makeup, though.

The MAC Brooke Shields collection includes…

Cremesheen Lipstick in Excite, a bright orangey red, $22 US/$26 CAD
Lustre Lipstick in Gospel, a sheer rich burgundy, $22 US/$26 CAD
Lipglass in Artful, a soft mid-tone coral, $22 US/$26 CAD
Lipglass in Knockout, a bright orangey-red, $22 US/$26 CAD
Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in trusted Instinct, $44 US/$53 CAD
Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow in Mortal, $44 US/$53 CAD
Brow set in Clear, a colour-free gel, $17 US/$21 CAD
Veluxe Brow liner in Brunette, a muted mid-tone gray, $20 US/$24 CAD
Opulash optimum Black, an intense black mascara, $17 US/$20 CAD
Cream Colour Base Duo in Cherished, a bright coral pink and a soft burgundy rose, $31 US/$37 CAD
Bronzing Powder in Scone, a neutral tan, $27.50 US/$33 CAD
Nail Lacquer in Dignity, a soft coral with a cream finish, $17 US/$19.50 CAD
Nail Lacquer in Pricey, a deep burgundy with a cream finish$17 US/$19.50 CAD
Gravitas Eye shadow Palette, $85 US/$102.00 CAD, which includes…

Pretty, a soft golden peachy beige (Satin)

Soft Brown, a soft golden peachy brown (Matte)

Expensive Pink, a pink with duochrome (Veluxe Pearl)

Clove, a mid-tone golden brown (Satin)

Satin Taupe, a taupe with silver shimmer (Frost)

Canter, a soft neutral gold (Frost)

Luscious, a neutral bronze (Frost)

Antiqued, an ash brown with bronze (Veluxe Pearl

Psyche, a shimmering golden olive (Frost)

Carbon, an intense black (Matte)

Shroom, a soft beige with shimmer (Satin)

Persuade, a mid-tone cool grayish brown (Matte)

Plummed, a shimmering dark plum (Veluxe Pearl)

Lofty, a cool blackened brown (Satin)

Pepper, a dark charcoal (Velvet)


Hva tror du? Spørende sinn vil vite.

Din vennlige nabolag appellavhengige,