right here I’m doing a Vulcan mind meld on myself… Kidding. I’m using Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove as a liner on my lash lines as well as Chanel Le Vernis nail Colour in Orage on my claws.
QUESTION: Why utilize a blue eyeshadow instead of a blue liner?

ANSWER: Why not?


Picture it: dark blue liner coupled with incredibly deep, dark, nearly black nails, only, instead of utilizing a pencil, gel or liquid liner, you utilize a powder eyeshadow.

Incidentally, that’s Dolce & Gabbana traditional cream Lipstick in Petal on my lips.
Do you ever just get stuck in a rut as well as feel like you’re using nothing however brown as well as beige? feel like trying something different however don’t want to discuss the top?

I’m always trying to find methods to keep things fascinating for myself, particularly when it pertains to wearable makeup looks — ideally trendy as well as wearable, however not absolutely snooze-worthy, if you catch my drift.


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One day I made a decision to pair dark blue liner with dark blue claws, as well as the very first thing I believed when I completed was, “Why haven’t I done this before?”

Seriously, though, why utilize a blue eyeshadow as a liner instead of an actual blue liner?

Ciao, NARS Giove!
Using a dark blue eyeshadow as a liner, instead of a dark blue pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner, produces a a lot more diffused edge, so the general impact looks softer.

I’ve done it with great deals of different liner styles, too, like spicy feline eye looks, as well as even soft laundries of color, where the liner is smudged along my upper as well as lower lash lines.

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a blurred edge (and the accompanying less interest to detail).

Just for fun: add dark blue nails

Chanel Le Vernis nail Colour in Orage, $27
I like seeing the flash of dark blue on my fingers whenever I tuck my bangs behind my ears or push my (nerdy Gamma Ray computer glasses) up.

And it believe it kind of reinforces the blue liner, too. You know, a lot more blue.

I likewise like exactly how the softer liner contrasts with the harder edge of the dark blue nails, so you likewise have that contrasty thing going.

I phone call this liner look the Tabby T-1000 (after the liquid metal Terminator from T2)

I’m using a blend of two Chanel Joues Contraste blushes — Innocence as well as Malice — on my cheeks, coupled with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in provide Me sun utilized as a bronzer, as well as hourglass Ambient Powder in luminous Light utilized as a highlighter
For this feline liner look, I used metallic dark blue NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove ($29) with an angled brush.

First, I used it dry to produce the shape of the feline eye as well as get that softer edge. then I wet the clean head, dipped it back into the pan, as well as used the shadow on my lash line close to the lashes, to kind of intensify the metallic surface as well as crete a subtle gradient.

You might absolutely keep it easier by choosing one — just wet or just dry — however ya know. Jeg sier bare.

NARS Duo-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove, $29

The new $29 NARS Dual-Intesity Eyeshadows look excellent when used wet or dry. Giove right here is one of 12 shades. I like utilizing them as liners, among other ways, since of exactly how bit after effects they display as well as exactly how simple they are to smudge. They’re offered now at NARS counters as well as likewise online.

For this look, I went with metallic, however I’d like to see somebody opt for a matte. It truly depends upon what impact you’re aiming for.

For something fun as well as lively, I like metallics on my lash lines, however I bet a deep dark blue matte would look incredibly cool, as well — as well as a lot more “serious.”

Tip: try a different surface on your lids

Dior Diorshow Mono in Grege, $29
With whatever surface I select for my lash lines, I type of like utilizing a different surface on my lids.

You know, it’s the whole contrasty thang. like right here on my lids I’m using a extremely subtle satin surface shadow with barely any type of shimmer, since I want the focus to go ideal to the metallic lash line.

I’m utilizing a light peachy tan shadow (Dior’s Diorshow Mono in Grege, $29), which I believe plays well with the blue.

And the dueling completes provide one more dimension to the general look — again, without hitting you over the head.

I like remarkable makeup, however I likewise appreciate subtle touches, too.

Dark blue nails: cream or metallic?

Two layers of Chanel Le Vernis nail Colour in Orage, $27
OK! So, for my nails, I select a cream surface this time around to contrast with the metallic liner.

Some alternatives…

Here I’m using two layers of a dark blue, nearly black, ChanelPolsk kalt orage, fra høstsamlingen, men det er gode tilbud på lignende farger tilgjengelig – helt nær nok til en titt som dette.

OPI gjør en utrolig sterk en kalt inkognito i Sasualito, så vel som det er bare $ 9.

Snakker om lignende, for den mørke øyenskyggen, her er et par apotek alternativer: Deep Blue Metallic Sonia Kashuk Eye Duo i Girl’s Night Out ($ 7.29) eller Dark Matte Blue Nyx Nude Matte Shadow In i Buff for en mørk matt blå ( $ 4,50).


Jeg håper du gir det en prøve! Hvis du gjør det, vil jeg gjerne se et bilde.

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,