Yesterday’s blowout hair trick got me fired up to find even more beauty hacks, also known as secret beauty shortcuts. As a gal who spends much of her time running behind, every minute counts, and I can always use a new time-saving tip.

Here are a few more that I regularly use…


The peep-toe pedicure

Sometimes, when I’m running ragged and totally pressed for time, I’ll look down at my feet and think, “There’s no way I’d make it through all 10 toes!”

When I don’t have enough time to paint all 10 piggies but still want a little color on my toes, I grab a bottle of polish and a pair of peep-toe shoes.

I’ll just paint the nails, and sometimes the fractions of nails, that peek out from the tips of my shoes. For obvious reasons, this one works best when you’re doing something where you don’t expect to have to remove your shoes; otherwise, awkward! Every observant/nosy person at the party will stop and ask, “Why do you only have three of your toes painted?”


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Yes, I speak from experience.

The truck stop shower

An oldie but goodie from my clubbing days! No doubt, it’s not the slickest, classiest beauty trick in the world (oh, that’s putting it mildly), but it works in a pinch.

When I don’t have time to take a full shower, a truck stop shower gets me somewhat presentable, and all it requires is 2-3 minutes and a sink.

Yup, I’ll just wash my face, neck, armpits and chest with water and a body cleanser (or, if it’s all I have access to, hand soap) in the sink. and if I have a washcloth, I’ll also wipe down the backs of my knees, because I hate it when they’re sticky.

The sink shave

The hits keep comin’!

Have you ever been basically done getting ready, all showered and good to go, or so you thought, and then caught a glimpse of your legs or toes and saw a forest of fuzz? When it happens to me and I don’t have time to jump back in the shower, I’ll do a mostly dry shave over the sink with a razor and EOS shave Cream, which also doubles as a moisturizer.

Hva med deg? What are your favorite beauty hacks, also known as your secret beauty shortcuts?

Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


P.S. guess who has six episodes of Pop-Up video waiting for her on the DVR! Yep, I’ve been watching a lot of that show lately, and it’s a great joy! between that and The real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I believe I’m getting quite an interesting education.

On Pop-Up this week I’ve caught a few hip-hop blasts from my past, like soul for Real’s Every little thing I Do…

Shout out if you remember when this played on MTV once every five minutes


Foxy brown and Jay-Z’s I’ll Be.

I see that look in your eye. You know you danced to this at that house party back in the day!


Thanks to the show, I’ve also discovered some new music lately, like space Bound, by Eminem. I’m not usually a fan of his, but I love the catchy chorus in that song. It’s kinda haunting…

One of the reasons I love Pop-Up video so much is that it reminds me of when I could turn on the TV and actually watch videos. There was a time when MTV stood for music Television, and they actually played videos 24/7.

Jeg vet, ikke sant!?