Hell-to-the-Yah! #1: Blue and green Eyeshadow

Why did it take me so long to get on the blue and green eyeshadow train? I can’t believe I lived through my 20s only wearing beige, brown and taupe on my lids. Although I still love those neutral shades, in the last few months I’ve become obsessed with blues and greens! They set my heart a-flutter.

Hell-to-the-Yah! #2: Indian summer in the Ess Eff Bay area

Fall sunset in Tiburon, California


‘Twas a balmy 70 degrees today in the San Francisco Bay Area. I went for a long run around my neighborhood wearing a t-shirt and shorts — no jacket required! The sun on my skin felt heavenly.

Hell-to-the-Yah! #3: girl Power workout Songs

During the toughest part of my run, I listened to a playlist on my iPod named “Girl Power workout Songs,” LOL. totally cheesy, I know, but the songs on that list always give me an extra boost. I blasted Nelly Furtado’s Maneater during that last grueling hill and charged up it like a woman on a mission. I guarantee that if you crank this song you’ll push through that last part of your workout with everything you’ve got left.

Hell-to-the-Yah! #4: weird holiday Catalogues

When the holidays roll around my mailbox gets flooded with a plethora of weird catalogues! I never buy anything from them, but I still like to look through them for fun.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

Mars’ Cheese Castle in Wisconsin just sent me one featuring fascinating things I’ve never seen before, like spicy sausages shaped like beer bottles and cakes made with whiskey. SÅ RART!

Hell-to-the-Yah! #5: Morris Chestnut

Last night I watched a movie called The perfect Holiday. It’s a cute chick/family flick starring Gabrielle Union, Queen Latifah and cutie pie Morris Chestnut.

In the last 24 hours I’ve developed a enormous crush on Maury C. If we’d been in the same chemistry class in college in the late 90s, I would have wanted him to be my lab partner so I could have stared at him while he did titrations all semester long. Le sigh!

In other MBB News

So sorry for the late post, ladies. After my run I watched a few episodes of The Tudors and then talked to El Hub for a while on the phone. next thing I knew it was 5!

Part of the reason why I’m in a good mood is because El Hub’s coming home from Hawaii today, but I’m mostly happy because his mom’s operation went smoothly. She’s now recovering at home. hopefully El Hub and I will both be able to go back next month to see her during the holidays. It’ll all depend on how she’s feeling.


I wanted to thank you for your positive notes and well wishes. and thank you especially for sharing stories of how your families coped when illness struck. Your stories lent me so much hope.

Have a lovely Saturday night.

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