makeup lovers, on your mark… get set… GO! “Here I’m using flower beauty On Your mark liquid Eye liner in Black ($7) on my upper lash lines!!”
Yea! fantastic product name!

But I feel like flower beauty should have added an ellipses at the end of their new $7 On Your mark liquid Eye Liner, since that’s exactly how I state it in my head.



With the pause at the end. LOL!

I’ve been all about liquid liners with shiny completes lately — liners like the $30 Diorshow Art Pen, which may also be Velcroed to my hand — paired with a few of this season’s raddest lipsticks from Buxom, NARS, Laura Mercier, MAC as well as Milani.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Some products just seem so right together, don’t they? That’s exactly how I feel about liquid liner as well as lipstick. They’re a traditional pairing, like scrunchies as well as side ponytails, or Katniss as well as Peeta (which reminds me, The Hunger games is now offered on Netflix, holla!).

Unfortunately, the Diorshow Art Pen costs three hamiltons (which doesn’t flow off the tongue in addition to “benjamins”), so I’ve been looking for a drugstore alternate that lasts just as long as well as is just as simple to apply.

I believe I may have discovered it, too, in flower Beauty’s water-resistant On Your mark liquid Eye Liner, which has a versatile felt tip that puts down lines just as smoothly as the Art Pen from Dior.

So long-lasting (12 hours)! So perspiration-proof (I ran 3 miles with it on, as well as it didn’t even budge)! So budget-friendly at just $7!

I haven’t been able to keep my hands off it, as well as I believe my Dior liner’s even getting a bit jealous…

Flower beauty On Your mark liquid Eye liner in Black on my NC 42 skin
Flower beauty On Your mark liquid Eye liner in Black on my upper lash lines

On Your mark is available in a brown shade. The one in Black — the one I’ve been using — is a true black without any type of hints of blue or green. Its wet pavement-like radiate springs to life on my lids as well as keeps my eye makeup from looking as well autumnal/fall.

I plan to wear it a great deal this spring as well as summertime with this season’s new lipsticks, as well as perhaps even with some false lashes when I have the time.

I feel extremely contemporary mad guy when I have it on…except with far fewer vodka tonics as well as girdles.

AVAILABILITY: offered now at Walmart stores as well as
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: A- (more colors, please!)

This is most likely going to noise totally feline woman crazy, however Tabs is really perched on my right shoulder as I type this — which is difficult, by the way, as he evaluates about 20 pounds now — as well as he’s purring up a storm.

I’ve been believing about recording all of his adorable feline noises into my computer — his meows, chirps as well as purrs — as well as saving them for posterity.

Extra grumpy tabby!


Uh…did that noise as crazy on your end of the screen as it just did on mine?

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