using Dolce & Gabbana eyeliner in Acqua

Happy vernal equinox, fellow weather condition watcher! Det er offisielt. spring is in the air. Bring on the flowers, the pollen, the unbidden allergies. Zyrtec, my reliable steed, come hither! winter season hath ended, as well as it’s time to…


…update my makeup as well as wardrobe for spring. It being that time as well as all, I’ve been contemplating methods to integrate different resilient themes into the mix, as well as this attire in Nordstrom’s February catalog got me believing about florals:

HJERTE! The pants, especially. The soft tones state to me, “Yes, Karen, I’m dressing for spring, however I’m likewise a grownup.” They’re flowery, however not in a bunny rabbits as well as Cadbury Creme Eggs type of way, ya know? as well as I believe the denim jacket as well as white top provide the attire a vintage feel.

I bet it’ll look beautiful with makeup from the new Dolce & Gabbana Bouquet collection, which, by the way, makes me feel like this:


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Sophia Loren = the hotness!

Have you seen this spring/summer introduce yet? It’s still quite new (just just recently shown up at Saks), as well as has some eyeliners, a quad, some lipglosses as well as six rainbow polishes.

Since I started playing with it last week, I’ve grown rather attached; it might be one of my preferred Dolce & Gabbana introduces to date.

The collection combines floral, Italian as well as 1950s themes for a vintage vibe that’s teasing as well as fun. The color combination picks from lilacs, roses, some vibrant shades of fruit, as well as the idea of summers in southern Italy.

Yeah, that’s some quite fantastic sources of motivation best there.

I can truly see the different themes play out among the six Eyeliners ($29 each) in the collection as I’ve used them over the past few days.

Man, talk about soft! When Dolce & Gabanna very first introduced their liners, the pencils felt rigid to me, however these? — these feel great! I don’t understand if they altered the formula, however these sure seem to glide much better than the earlier versions.

Crayon intense Eyeliners in Shimmer (repromote), Lilac (repromote), Agave (repromote), Lemon (new), Acqua (new) as well as Mint (new), $29 each

Swatches from the left: Shimmer, Lilac, Agave, Mint, Acqua as well as Lemon

Wearing Lemon


Khaki Agave is a rich, pigmented eco-friendly with golden shimmer. A couple swipes along my lash lines, as well as I’m good. liker det. The bright yellow Lemon, on the other hand? fantastic in theory, however in method it hasn’t wowed me. I believe I was expecting a bright citrusy burst, however when I see it on my lids, I think, “that’s canned corn.”

Maybe if it had a soft shimmery surface instead of flat matte.

The blue shade, Acqua, amazed the heck out of me. Sure, it looks a bit “Go team” in the swatch, however it comes to life on lids. If you have brown eyes, please provide it a try.

The other liners — shimmery purple Lilac, peachy Shimmer as well as matte Mint — remind me of watercolors, as well as I bet they’d look very quite paired with curled lashes as well as great deals of mascara. They just requirement a bit much more TLC. On me, I have to apply a number of layers of these to get them to truly show.

With all of these pencils, be gotten ready for touch-ups about halfway with the day. I get about six hours from Agave as well as Acqua, however only 3-4 from the other shades.

Pris: $ 29 hver
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Saks fifth Avenue stores, as well as coming soon to
Makeup samt sjarm blogg rating: B +

Just added to my listing of “Things I’m not prepared for”…

…a planetary collision!

In Melancholia, two sisters deal with the coming end of the world. A far-off world is on a collision program with the earth, as well as the end is nigh.

One of the sisters, played by Kirsten Dunst, appears to experience from an unnamed mental disease (I believe it’s serious depression). She faces the end in stable fashion, accepting it as inevitable, while her sister, who’d been the steadier, much more dependable one for much of their life, emotionally falls apart.

It wasn’t the most uplifting thing I’ve ever viewed on a Monday night…

Honestly, when I checked out the film description online, I just saw the words, “…planet hitting the earth,” as well as rented it since it sounded sci-fi.

But that doesn’t always work out. The film has these unusually long shifts between scenes as well as felt a great deal longer to me than 2 hours. I don’t know… I didn’t dislike it at all. I just didn’t truly like it.

I did believe the music was cool, though, as well as it got me believing about what I’d finish with my last few weeks on earth if the news headlines read, “Rogue world approaching earth!”


One thfor sikkert: Jeg vil spise store mengder nutella. Skrutellingskalorier! Har du ikke hørt!? Det er en friggin ‘verden på vei!

Ditt vennlige samfunn sjarmavhengig,