using the new metropolitan Decay naked Skin appeal Balm ($34 for a 1.18-ounce tube)
I’m sure that part of the reason why I’m sitting right here with my laptop as well as a bottle of the new metropolitan Decay naked Skin appeal Balm ($34 for a 1.18-ounce tube) as well as believing about Hawaii ideal now is since of what I’m wearing.

I’m using a thermal, a hoodie, knee-high socks as well as long pants (I likewise have a blanket wrapped around my shoulders) because, DUDE! — IT’S truly chilly OUT HERE!


Okay, I understand that Bay area winters are moderate compared to lots of other parts of the world/country, however whatevs. Temperature’s a family member thing! as well as I’m a weather condition wuss.

Um…may I have one more cup of hot tea, please?



Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Then there’s the freaking Hills… I’m still enjoying the show, in spite of my much better judgment. ideal now I’m on season 5, as well as the cast is currently vacationing at the Turtle Bay resort on the North shore of Oahu, which, side tangent, is where I got married (El Hub, if by possibility you’re reading this, like you additional today, babes!).

So yeah, I’m sitting right here daydreaming about Hawaii as well as wanting I was at the beach listening to waves crashing on the shore, instead of the heater’s low drone…

Ya know, if I were one of those cast members on The Hills, as well as the producers flew me out to Hawaii to talk about nonsense in a hot tub as well as state profound things like, “I believe Audrina’s gonna hook up with Brody!” I’d most likely wear naked Skin appeal Balm…assuming, of course, that I were likewise 23, which was most likely when my skin was in the very best shape of my life, as well as all I ever needed/wanted was very little protection as well as a matte finish.

A new deal with product from metropolitan Decay (launced on the internet today, as well as pertaining to counters as well as stores this spring), naked Skin appeal Balm is generally a incredibly sheer tinted moisturizer/primer with broad-spectrum SPF 20 as well as added skin benefits. beyond its cosmetic powers, it likewise promises to firm as well as lift, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines, with the assist of magic-sounding “optical blurring pigments.”

It is available in just a single shade — a sheer peach — which must fit a lot of skin tones. It likewise has a minty scent (kinda like toothpaste) as well as a structure that feels like a thin lotion.

Swatches of naked Skin appeal Balm unblended on the left as well as mixed on the right

Wearing metropolitan Decay naked Skin appeal Balm on my cheeks, forehead as well as nose; as well as Becca Radiant Satin Skin surface foundation on my jaw, chin as well as around my mouth

Whether or not it delivers the skin-care benefits it promises to, well, I always believe you have to take those declares with a grain of salt…

Don’t get me wrong — I like the concept of makeup with skin care powers, however for me, personally, in all my years of using le war paint, I can’t state that a person certain foundation, primer or appeal balm has ever made a significant, undeniable enhancement in my skin.

And that goes for naked Skin BB. Although I’ve only been using it for a week, which I suspect isn’t sufficient time to relatively examine its skin-care abilities, I’m not sure I’d be ready to wait the 6-8 weeks it may take. I mean, that would take a great deal of patience.

Still, after a week with it, I do understand this: I like exactly how naked Skin BB looks as well as feels.

With the very little protection it provides, it looks nearly undetectable when I work it into my skin, as well as it feels virtually weightless. I believe my pores likewise look a bit smaller, too, as well as my skin appears matte (but not excessively so).

For the record, if you normally like full (or almost full) coverage, you may want to supplement naked Skin BB with some extra products.

I like medium protection for daily wear, so I’ve been applying 2-3 layers of naked fundamentals BB around my face, as well as then patting a medium-coverage foundation around my mouth as well as my chin, which are areas where I feel like I requirement a bit additional help.

Naked Skin appeal Balm would most likely be much better for truly low-maintenance women as well as guys. Like, if you don’t feel that your skin needs a great deal of coverage, you do want something to mainly smooth out your pores, you like products that consist of SPF, as well as you don’t truly wear a great deal of concealer, this would most likely be a fantastic in shape for you.


But, if you’re like me as well as feel a lot more comfortable with medium coverage, as well as even some full overage on specific areas, this may not be suffientical å tilfredsstille dine behov av seg selv …

Pris: $ 34 for en 1,18-ounce tube
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