using display A Blush, Mississippi Cinematic Eyeshadow as well as Goodbye Emmanuelle Cinematic Lipstick from the new NARS man Bourdin collection

Earlier this week, the day after I published a quick look at this collection, I discovered that the release, particularly the tie-in to man Bourdin’s in some cases dark, disturbing photography, stimulated a controversy. I’ve chose to cover the collection since I see this as an problem of art, personal preference as well as flexibility of expression. As somebody who was in an abusive relationship, I might state more, however I don’t mean to state anything even more about it in public.

The Blushes ($29 each)

The three NARS man Bourdin Blushes
The very first products I ever fell in like with from NARS were their blushes (can I get a what-what for Amour?!), as well as the blushes in this release reminded me of that. The brand has a few of the very best blushes around. In traditional NARS fashion, the three right here in the man Bourdin collection last all the time long, look natural, as well as I don’t have to tons a lots layers on my cheeks to see them.

Blush in display A, a matte vibrant red
First, there’s display A, a re-promote from the long-term line. It’s a vibrant red with a matte finish…


Blush in Coeur Battant, a magenta
Then, there’s Coeur Battant, likewise a matte, however this one’s an intense magenta.

Blush in Day Dream, a peachy pink
Lastly, there’s Day Dream, a peachy pink with an opalescent, practically angelic shimmer.

The huge style here? Pigment. One or two swipes across each of these pans is all it takes for bright color on both cheeks. Seriøst! even Day Dream, which I believed I’d have to layer, only needs a couple swipes.


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$ 42.

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But since these blushes lay down great deals of color, they can be extremely challenging to use. even with a light touch, it’s simple to overdo it with them (at least for me). If you’ve never used blush before, you may want to opt for something sheerer. There are great deals of fantastic beginner’s blushes out there, however I don’t believe these three are among them.

If, on the other hand, you’re already comfortable with blush (or if you’re just an adventurous beginner), you ought to be completely fine.

And yeah, I understand you’ve got mad blush skills, yo! — however still, I’d choose either a skunk clean or a fan brush, instead of a routine blush brush, to prevent over-applying. may also make it simpler on yourself, ya know?

Sminke samt sjarm blogg rating: a

Blush in Day Dream
Blush in display A

Blush in Coeur Battant
Blushes from the left: display A (a vibrant matte red), Coeur Battant (a magenta) as well as Day dream (a peachy pink)

The Cinematic Lipsticks ($26 each)

Now playing, the Cinematic Lipsticks…
In the event you were hoping the new Cinematic Lipsticks would last with a grilled cheese sandwich, they don’t…but that’s alright with me, since they’re smoooooove.

Smooth as well as lightweight (kind of like the MAC Mineralize rich Lipsticks), these practically feel like balms — extremely pigmented balms.

A single layer lasts from 2-4 hours for me…assuming I prevent grilled cheese.

You may believe that the rosy shade, Last Tango, would be the only simple shade right here to wear, seeing as it’s the most neutral, however even the brights prevent drama like the plague. You might even avoid lip liner if you want (and I do).

As if that wasn’t reason sufficient to autumn for these, they don’t have any type of cool flavors or scents, as well as they’re hella moisturizing, too. These are my preferred products in the entire man Bourdin collection.

MAKEUP as well as BEUATY blog RATING: A

Cinematic Lipstick in short Circuit, a fiery coral
Cinematic Lipstick in Future Red, a cherry
Cinematic Lipstick in Last Tango, a dirty rose
Cinematic Lipstick in Goodbye Emmaunelle, a hot pink
Cinematic Lipstick in full Frontal, a rosy violet
Cinematic Lipstick in Goodbye Emmanuelle
Cinematic Lipstick in Last Tango
Cinematic Lipstick in full Frontal
Cinematic Lipstick in short Circuit
Cinematic Lipstick in Future Red
Cinematic Lipsticks from the left: Future Red (a cherry), short circuit (a fiery coral), Last Tango (a dirty rose), Goodbye Emmanuelle (a hot pink) as well as full Frontal (a rosy violet)

The Cinematic Eyeshadows ($24 each)

Cinematic Eyeshadow in Rage, an electric orchid ($24)
WARNING: Klutzes beware. If it seems like you’re always dropping your makeup on the ground, 1) I feel your pain, sister; as well as 2) you may have to deal with these new Cinematic Eyeshadows with youngster gloves.

They’re made with a new eyeshadow formulation, appearing for the very first time right here in the man Bourdin collection, as well as it’s bunny tail soft.

I’m speaking so soft that it practically feels like a cream.

On the one hand, that’s great, since they’re so simple to blend as well as apply. The shadows effortlessly glide across the skin, making it extremely simple to blend away each as well as every severe line.

It’s practically unreal exactly how simple it is to produce beautiful gradients with these shadows.

Buuuut, on the other hand, I believe that softness may likewise discuss why two of them, Mississippi Mermaid as well as poor Behaviour, shattered on their method to Tabs the feline Industries, LLC…

If Chanel’s buttery Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow singles make your heart flutter, something tells me you’ll likewise like these. They feel extremely similar to me, with the most significant difference being that the Cinematic Eyeshadows include much much more pigment.

As for the finish? Well…it’s interesting. It shows a great deal of light, however it’s not as shiny as a frost. I’d peg it as somewhere between a frost as well as a satin. truly pretty.

On top of my reliable NARS Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Base, these last a solid 10+ hours without any type of creasing.

Impressive, however dagnabbit! — I just understand I’m going to decrease one of these on my foot or the floor, as well as it’s going to break into a gazillion small pieces.

Det er bare et spørsmål om tid…

MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: A-

Cinematic Eyeshadow in Wishful Thinking, a macaw blue
Cinematic Eyeshadow in Cambodia, a pinkish copper
Cinematic Eyeshadow in Mississippi Mermaid, a champagne
Cinematic Eyeshadow in poor Behaviour, a deep pewter
Cinematic Eyeshadow in Cambodia
Cinematic Eyeshadow in Rage
Cinematic Eyeshadow in Wishful Thinking
Cinematic Eyeshadow in Mississippi Mermaid
Cinematic Eyeshadow in poor Behaviour
Cinematic Eyeshadows from the left: Wishful believing (a macaw blue), Rage (an electric orchid), poor Behaviour (a deep pewter), Cambodia (a pink copper) as well as Mississippi Mermaid (a champagne)

The nail polishes ($19 each)

Nail polishes from the left: No Limits (a bright pinkish violet), comply with Me (a deep fuchsia), Tomorrow’s Red (a scarlet flame) as well as Union Libre (a blossom pink), $19 each
With all four of these polishes, “saturation” is the essential word. two layers as well as I’m good.

Two of them, Deep fuchsia comply with Me as well as bright pinkish violet No Limits, have a truly fascinating finish… It’s not rather matte — much more like a semi matte — whereas bright pink Union Libre as well as scarlet Tomorrow’s Red have a traditional high shine.

I believe all four of them in shape well with the rest of the collection, however they seem quite basic to me (even though I still made grabby hands at the intensely pigmented colors). You might quickly discover similar colors for less at the drugstore.

These are most likely finest for NARS die-hard fans.

MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: B

Nail polish swatches from the left: Union Libre, Tomorrow’s Red, comply with Me as well as No Limits
Overall, I’m quite stoked about this collection. I believe there’s a great deal to love.


Hva tror du? any type of awesome takeaways here?

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