The Essie resort 2013 Collection
You know, I was just thinkin’…

Things could be a whole lot worse ideal now. I’ve got a roofing over my head, a tabby in my life, gloss in my purse, and if I had to — in the event that Z-Day or an alien invasion occurs — I could probably hobble at least 10 miles to safety.


Truth be told, I can’t complain.

That’s not to say that I want a vacation. Jeg gjør. I’d love one.

Heck, I’d love to spend a week hanging out by the pool at a five-star resort. Maaaan, that sounds good!


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

I’d want to bring Tabs and El Hub along, of course. and absolutely the four Essie resort 2013 polishes, too.

From the left: first Timer, Under Where, Come here and In The Cab-ana
I can see it now… Me, you, two of those inflatable mattresses in an infinity pool, and the resort collection’s four creamy polishes on our ideas and toes.

I think that’s exactly what Essie had in mind when they gave Mint green first Timer, aqua In the Cab-ana, purple orchid Under Where and reddish coral Come here an intense, mirror-like shine.

Summer, summer, summertime!

Two layers of first Timer
Two layers of In The Cab-ana
Two layers of Come Here

Two layers of Under Where

You know what else I like about these shades?

There don’t mince words at all.

I mean, they aren’t exactly shy or coy.

These are the kinds of colors you wear to walk up to the cutest kid on the beach (batting your eyelashes) to invite him over for burgers and fries. Flirty, fun and self-assured.

Two coats of Essie’s streak-free formula work just fine for me, and thanks to the high-shine finish, I can even skip the top coat if need be.

PRICE: $8 each
AVAILABILITY: limited edition, and available now at essie counters and online
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: A

Bravo! Bravo!

Not that I’m doing myself any favors by enjoying even a lot more TV, but lately Bravo has been OFF THE HOOK! I’m not really into anything that goes on in the real Housewives universe (bluh!), but Million dollar Listing: new York or The Millionaire Matchmaker and a pint of fro-yo are like my recipe for a best evening at home.

I just recently started enjoying Newlyweds The first Year, one of their new shows.

Have you gone there yet?

If not, you absolutely should.

Like the name implies, it follows four couples on their first year of marriage. I’m three episodes in and hooked like a fish, but I think that’s mostly because the people in it haven’t crossed over into the reality TV Land of total and complete craziness yet.

They all seem a lot more or less normal (for now).

Anywho, I hope you have a terrific hump day. I’ve got a dentist appointment later today, which I’m not looking forward to…

The dentist’s office, also known as my least favorite place in the world.


Ønsk meg lykke til!

Din vennlige nabolag appellavhengige,