The forecast calls for lips! — MAC fall 13 Forecast/Lips, that is ($40)
If any brand’s got their finger on the pulse of makeup lovers like me, it’s got to be MAC. especially when it concerns [INSERT any makeup category here OR] lip palettes. They’re hands down one of my favorite lip palette lines…and I don’t even consider myself a big lip palette fan!

It’s the colors they choose to put together — they just have a knack for it — like does this one choose that? Why yes, MAC, it does, and I can’t even figure out how/why!


Take their new $40 fall ’13 Forecast/Lips palette, for instance, and its six fashion-forward fall shades. None of the colors, all of which have MAC’s preternaturally pigmented Amplified lipstick finish, seem squandered or like they’re merely taking up space.

The colors that come with the elegant limited edition set stalked new York and Paris fall fashion week catwalks, and now they’re searching for love on all of our faces. From colors for work lunches (I’m thinking any of the neutral colors on the palette’s left would do well) to drinks at a trendy lounge (any of the shades, really), this palette has it covered.

MAC fall 2013 forecast Lipstick swatches from the left: Au Naturale, This Is Autumn, style Apparent, rich new Mood, Red statement and fashion Noise
Au Naturale, a light neutral flesh shade with an Amplified finish
This Is Autumn, a warm midtone flesh shadw tih an Amplified finish

Style Apparent, a dusty, dirty pink with an Amplified finish
Rich new Mood, a slightly amazing deep burgundy with an Amplified finish
Red Statement, a rich blood red with an Amplified finish
Fashion Noise, a deep rich purple with an Amplified finish


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

And even though the dark purple and burgundy shades might be a little much for a quick Petco run or a walk around the neighborhood to check out Charlize, I don’t care. Cue the curtain please! I’m diggin’ them both.

Heck, I bet you could combine any of the darker shades with the lighter shades, too, and create your own customized colors. all of them seem to harmonize pretty well.

Pris: $ 40
AVAILABILITY: available now at select MAC pro stores and online in north america and internationally
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: B+/A-

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